Thursday, May 28, 2009

God is too good to me :)

A few weeks ago I applied for a scholarship through Chick-fil-a. There were certain requirements that I had to meet in order to apply, such as, I had to work a certain amount of hours, find someone to write a recommendation letter (thanks Ryan!), etc. Well, today I was at work and my Manager handed me a check for $1000 dollars! At first, I was like, "what's this?" I figured out pretty quickly what it was. I thought she was handing me something that I was supposed to stick in my drawer (it's a good thing I didn't put it in there!). Anyway, I am just very thankful that God never fails. He will provide if you put your trust in Him! Truett Cathy (the guy who started Chick-fil-a) has given away over $24 million dollars in scholarships to eligible team members. What a blessing it has been to be able to work for such an amazing company!

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  1. Mikaela,

    Congratulations! We are proud of you and know that God has big plans for you!

    Camilah, Carlos, and Carolina