Thursday, April 16, 2009

Another Day

Well, I still don't have a voice, but I am managing. Apparently, whatever I have is going around. Mom talked to someone today who is losing her voice, but has no other symptoms. One of my old teachers has the same thing too. It's kind of weird. People think I am sick, but I'm not. I just can't talk. Nothing hurts or is bothering me, which is great. I sound like I just got back from some crazy rock concert or something.

I just got back from my neighbor's house. I had to ask their 5 year old some question for one of my classes. He thought everything I was asking him was hilarious (maybe he just thought I sounded hilarious). His parents were impressed with how well Hayden was cooperating. They kept telling me how much Hayden likes me (awwww). lol

Tomorrow night Tyler and I are going to an "Etiquette Dinner." My school does something every year to prepare students for future interviews. They teach you how to act if you have an interview in a restaurant. It is taking place at an expensive steakhouse here in Lafayette. We get a meal and the lesson for 5 dollars. I may or may not ever use what I learn, but it's always good to know.

Well, that's about all I have to say for now :)

God Bless!!!!

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